Sunday, June 12, 2016

Quote Challenge: #2


I admit it: I totally forgot about the quote challenge yesterday. Can I have a little grace, because we were ridiculously busy and had church until late? My sincerest apologies! I'll simply pick up where I left off. First: recap the rules.

  • Graciously thank the person who tagged you.
  • Just as graciously, tag three other bloggers everyday.
  • Post a new quote for the next three days.
Now, on to the quote!!!!


 How true is that? I do dishes for our family and there are days when I wish I had a magic wand to make them all go poof. But the longer I wait and longer it will be until those dishes are washed. I hold J.R.R Tolkien in high honor for his incredible writing and beautiful imagination. He took writing seriously and, as a result, wrote an amazing series of books. (Although, I must say, I was not super pleased with the movies.) Tolkien had an amazing way of blending poetry and writing together to create a wonderful work of English art. Him and Lewis are outstanding! (Hm, I wonder whose quote I'll have tomorrow?)
And I'm sorry, but I have no bloggers to tag. :/

P.S By the way. If you are into the LotR, THIS is quite interesting.


  1. Yes! A Tolkien quote about one of my favorite things: procrastination. He is so right.
    Thanks for the shoutout, too, by the way. :)

    1. No problem, Hannah! You have a great post and I really want it to get around!! :) <3

  2. Ugh. That is basically my relationship with school. Never want to start it, never want to finish it.

  3. Haha. But if you never start, you never finish! I always hate to have a project nagging at the back of my mind! That's why I usually just sit down and get it all done until my brain his pudding!