Friday, June 10, 2016

Quote Challenge: #1

Well, it seems I have been dragged into the stressful game of blogger tag! (I speak with a high amount of exaggeration. I'm actually quiet excited for this!) It's all about quotes, of which I have many. My problem is that I hardly know any other bloggers. And the one I do know is the one that tagged me! Well, I shall give it my best despite my dilemma. At the least I will be posting a quote for the next three days. But allow me to lay out the rules:
  • Graciously thank the person who tagged you. (Thank you Hannah! I actually do enjoy this!)
  • Just as graciously, tag three other bloggers everyday. (I'll be lucky if I can tag just one today.)
  • Post a new quote for the next three days.
Without further ado, here is my quote! (Although I honestly believe this is the hardest part! I have so many I want to do!)

I am a true Shakespearean, for this is one of my favorite quotes and writers. This quote is from the play Hamlet: Act 4, scene 5, and said by the player Ophelia. And the people I have tagged are...

  • Elizabeth E. Brookes at EEB
And honestly, miserably, that is the only person I can find. I am so terrible at this. If you are a blogger reading this and would like to be tagged, please say so in the comments and I will readily include you in this fun game.
   Au Revoir!


  1. That was fast, E.J; you put me to shame. :) Great quote from Shakespeare! I think it's fine that you don't tag three bloggers every day, either. Everyone breaks that rule...

    1. It's simply because I had nothing pressing that needed to be done at the moment I received the challenge.(Emphasis on 'at the moment.')
      Oh good! Because I'm going to completely fail it. ;)