Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Release!

Let the fun begin!!!! Yes I am finally publishing the book I have been working on for nearly 2 years! (And yes, the picture above will be the cover! I just haven't smashed it through my Photoshop. )It has been a wonderful challenge and fun adventure. I never thought I would ever go on to publish my book, but here I am! I have a totally new appreciation for every book I read. (Especially mysteries such as The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie.) The release date is July 3rd 2016!! Yes I'm scared/excited/wondering if I'm making a mistake/can't wait to publish it, and every other mixed up/messed up emotion in between!!!
( Now, whether this will be the official synopsis, I haven't figured out. Who knows, it might be. ;)

 The Wings

The memory of the Great Battle against the Antheons is a story of long ago, now buried within the pages of history. Until one boy learns the truth: the Antheons live!
Peter, an Antheon living among humans, has a necklace, a secret, and the Duke he calls friend. But when he discovers that the Duke has been hiding his dark history, Peter's only choice is to leave or face death. As he runs, doubts begin to set heavily about whether he can ever trust anyone again. His answer: he refuses to trust.
Forced to flee for his life, Peter embarks on a quest to find the lost Antheons - a quest where danger and adventure never seem to be more than a step away. But will Peter be able to overcome his own dark history and doubts before everything changes...again. 

I was never into long synopsis that give the story away. (Does that drive anybody else crazy besides me?) So I tried to keep it short. 
My friend Hannah (check out her blog Here She will also be publishing her second book! She has more info on her blog! If you are writing or enjoy writing and want to be better, this is a great blog to follow.) had the fabulous idea of posting pictures of her characters and writing, kind of an introduction, to each of them. I wanted to do that super bad, but I'm a sot on the computer and could not, for the life of me, find any picture that satisfied my minds-eye picture of my characters. So, unfortunately, I shall leave you to your own imagination.

In the meantime, I found some more funnies! (Somehow I'm good at finding those. And yes they are all about books! How did you guess?)

Yes. ;) Pretty much.:
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 To Read or Not to Read!:

Haha so trueBravo bookstore, bravo!:
“No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond.” ― C.S. LewisAbsolutely!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

File #2 Siblings

Ahhh, the joy of reading a wonderful book in peace and quiet. Until the sounds of, "STOP THAT!!!!! GIVE THAT BACK, IT'S MINE!!!! MOOOOOOOM!!!!!!"

If you have siblings, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The series of calls and requests that are ever-present. For years I would find my peace and sanity in the safe confines of my bedroom. My siblings called me the Hermit because I stayed in there all the time. I just didn't want to be around my siblings because they were (still are) ridiculously loud. Sometimes I would walk out of my room, stand in the doorway, give this face And return to my sanctuary.

Now, not all the times with my siblings were bad. I have hours of wonderful memories behind me of playing toys with my brother, outside, in the winter, when ice is covering the ground, playing in the wheelbarrow, which was filled with ice.
But as I got older things started to change. I didn't want to play toys anymore. (trust me I tried.) Not that my imagination left me. (Trust me that's still there.) I simply...didn't want to. I would rather stay in my room doing school, reading, working on guitar or other projects. My mom would have to call me out of my room and ban me from it in order to keep me out.
That's not how I am now. I spend nearly my entire day with my siblings and only enter my room when I need to have silence for school, writing, or guitar practicing. My days are productive and filled with laughter and joy. (Not to mention all the trials I've overcome.

So what changed?

Answer #1: My mindset.
You can't accomplish anything if you don't put your mind to is. "Where there's a will there's a way." But that saying can be reversed. With no will there is no Way. I really wanted to have a strong relationship with my siblings that would last us the rest of our lives. I don't want to be the big sister that doesn't know what the rest of the family is doing half the day. I had the Will, now I needed the Way. And that Way was getting out of my room.
When I first started my transition, it was terrible! There seemed to be nothing to do out in the rest of the house! All my things were in my room! I would work around the house to fill my spare time. But now that the sun is out more and more me and the siblings migrated to the trampoline where me and my brother perfected out back flips, front flips, front handsprings, and my brother is the only one that can do the back handspring. (I landed on my neck and haven't worked up the guts to try again.)
Consequently I don't get done many of the things I wish I could. The book I'm near to publishing is taking a soar long time. (A post on that later)

Answer #2: Cutting down my computer time.
I would go on the computer and just drift around or be "busy" (I don't think looking on Pinterest merits the title of anything.) I was amazed at how much more time I had during the day and get things done. I also found that using the computer for worthless things left me feeling slightly irritable. Now, don't go thinking I'm never on the computer. Obviously I have to be in order to be a blogger! But I try and really limit the computer time.

 Now, this all doesn't change the, seemingly constant, yelling and requests. They are still there. So I had to change another thing.

Answer #3: I've focused on changing how I deal with the things that annoy me.
Honestly if you just suck up and help them out things go a lot smoother. And if there is something you want to do, make sure you've spent at least as much time with your siblings as you will be spending doing your project. 

Siblings are truly a blessing. Your family is the only thing you can take to heaven with you. I've always had this thought at the back of my mind. What if I were to die tomorrow? How would me family remember me? Would I be the sibling they would remember as the one that spent way too much time in her room? Or would I be the sibling that read books to them, jumped on the trampoline with them, took them on bike rides, and sword fought?

Here's a list of fun things that my siblings enjoy.
  • Reading books. (Some ideas are Indian in the Cupboard, Narnia, and Anne of Green Gables.) 
  • Making obstacle courses
  • Making a home movie
  • Baking cookies
  • Go on a special bike ride
  • Making spider webs on the ground. (Make sure you ask your mom about this because by the time you're finished the land will look like Shelobs layer.) You just take a ball of yard and wrap it around chair legs, furniture, pianos, anything!
  • If your siblings have friends that come over, get up and play a good game of Tag of Cops and Robbers. It's amazing how much fun they'll think it is if you just play with them.
  • If you play an instrument, try teaching your sibling a song. I play guitar and I've been teaching my brother. Or just playing for the whole family. The younger kids love the song Days of Elijah and will sing that with such gusto I can't sing because I'm laughing at how cute they are.
But remember. If there's a Will there's a Way!
Also! If you want to check out a really great christian website full of encouragement and biblical wisdom, look at http://www.aheartdevoted.com/

Yes more random funny things!