Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meet my Friend!

Ok, I'm hoping everybody knows who this gentlemen is! Yes, William Shakespeare! The most astound play writer I know!

Now, I understand there are *ahem* some people who do not appreciate his work. And you know what, that's OK. Believe it or not, I  Hated Shakespeare when I was younger. I couldn't get over how Doom-and-Gloom this guy was! That is, until I listened to a single tape.

That's right. The Comedy of Errors. (Sorry for how weird the pictures pop up. :/ I still haven't figured out my own computer.)
The funny part of the whole experience is kind of a long story. My mom was trying to download a new Audio player to our computer. Unfortunately the computer decided to make a fuss and mom went through several calls to the managers to figure out what was wrong! The made so many errors is was comic! (Pun intended, though not a very good one.)
In the end we figured it all out and my mom began playing it for all to hear. I was completely annoyed because at the age of 15 I still hated Shakespeare, and I thought it was all a silly waste of time. I was busy doing laundry, which is in hearing range of the computer from whence the tape was playing, when there commenced the loudest series of Bangs and Gongs, followed by the agonizing groans of some poor soul and the angered scolding of a most upset women. It honestly sounded like a women screeching like a chicken and banging a man over the head with a frying pan! (Is this Disney's Tangled or Shakespeare?) Quite forgetting my prejudice against the tales I stopped to listen and found myself intrigued. Nobody else was interested beside my brother, so we took the laptop and went into my room for silence. Long story short, I loved it! I started laughing so hard at times I thought my sides would split! I fell in love with the beauty of the form of speech and their quick wit and the hilarious mocking criticism was  priceless.

 I went on to listen to many others, but Hamlet will always be most dear. The characters were noble and the story was tragic. When me and my brother finished we dashed into the living room and began fencing and repeating the whole scene, dragging our bewildered neighbor girl into it. (She had no idea what Hamlet was.) I still enjoy that play to this day! Hamlet was noble and trying to please his ghostly father. The end for him is tragic and he completes his horrid deed of murder after he himself is poisoned by a sword! His two friends betray him and attempt upon his life, until he turns the tables and it is they who deliver the forfeiture of their own heads - without knowing. He forgives the very man that poisoned him and died in his beloved friends arms. It was absolutely beautiful! I was immensely pleased to receive the Oxford collection of his plays as a gift from my mom! I promise that book weighs twenty pounds! And I enjoy ever ounce of it!
Shakespeare had the most beautiful way of putting into words the thoughts that are the most illusive to the human mind. His long speeches create the Word Pictures that I have never thought of and yet are true! He possessed an incredible amount of skill to become the greatest play writer of all time! And created a world to be desired. (I wish some of the boys I know could take a few lessons in nobility from him.) There is much to be sought after and learned from his works. (Even if there are some that are really weird. ;)

Do you love Shakespeare? Please share your favorite play and why!

P.S This is a wonderfully done play of Hamlet! Yes it's ridiculously long! And yes! I loved every minute. (Which means I watched it all!) It's SO funny in parts that I could NOT stop laughing even as I watched it again and again!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

God's not Dead

 I must say, this was my ALL time favorite movie. And I'm not just saying that because of the great acting. I'm saying it because of amazingly it represents what we should be doing in our lives.

As a christian I want to completely live my life for Christ! I've stood up for Him, even though it has cost me. So when I watched this movie, when it first came out, I was astonished and encouraged. (Although the multiple story line beginning left me spinning until I sorted it all out.)
It inspired me to really know what I believe in.
1 Peter 3;15
But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;

Let me ask you a question. Can you say with assurance that God is not dead? I'm sure nearly everybody would say "yes of course God isn't dead." But what if I asked you, "how do you know that? What proof do you have?" How would you stand then?

I don't want to let God down. I want to be ready to give an answer no matter what the question is. I've studied evolution for some time. My reason? Well how can you debate about a topic you know nothing about? See, not only do you need to be on top of knowing what you stand for, you need to know what the other person stands for.
That's what I loved about this movie. It provided amazing evidence for the Creator! And it posed some incredibly hard truths. Especially death. It's right around the corner for any of us. The question, "Are you ready?" is a tricky one.

Then the second one came out!!! And yes I loved it!!!!! The first one focused on proving God's existence from a factual point of view through the evidence of creation and other things. The second focused on proving God through history and moral questions.
So if anybody hasn't seen it, I say it's a MUST!!

P.S Stay till the very end of the credits for the second. There's a clip you need to see!! ;)

Have you seen it? Share your thoughts? Have amazing evidence for Christ? Share too! Have a question? Just ask!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

File #1 Arguing

For me, there is nothing more peaceful than a shelf full of books. I love the smell of an old library with books stuffed with ancient information. What is the opposite of peace?
Strife, which can be classified in categories such as anger, trouble and arguing.

Arguing is a fairly common occurrence at our home. It's not that we don't like each other, we all have extremely strong relationships. But with so many people in one family there are many different opinions and tempers are near snapping many times throughout the week.
I admit that I have a quick temper that, *ahem*, doesn't really show too much. But there are times when it gets the better of me and flashes up. I start saying things I wouldn't and making rash decisions. If you've ever had an argument you know what I'm talking about.
What is at the heart of every argument? Why do we begin doing things we never would when our temper was normal?
In order to understand we need to organize the 3 stages of talking.
Conversation: This is the kind of talk you have with your friend over the phone, or at a family get-together. It's when you are sharing ideas, events and jokes. It's warm and friendly, able to include everybody or meant only for one individual.
Debating: This is what one watches on television when two scientists share opposing opinions. It is carried out civilly and everybody keeps their shirts on. There is a certain amount of tension since opposing ideas are being presented, but they are talking about their ideas and trying to come to an understanding.
Arguing: Tempers are off and civility is thrown out the window. You are out prove your way is better than the others and is the only way to do something. Anger is at an all-time high!

It's obvious to see which of the three is bad. Arguing corrupts families and destroys relationships. But what's at the heart? Why do you insist upon your way of cooking potatoes being better and the only way of cooking them? (Maybe a bad analogy but that's what came off the top of my head.)
From all I've ever discovered, Pride is the chief trouble.
That is what's behind all the trouble. Hard to understand? Not really. Simply put: we want out way because we want it. Our Pride wont have it any other way. When I am arguing about the best way to cook potatoes, I'm only insisting because I think my way is the best. Pride.
Once we take the time to realize our own Pride we can stop, turn around, and begin going the right way. C. S Lewis says, "Sometimes turning a clock backwards is the only way to fix it."
Now I'm not saying that lightly. Pride is not an easy foe to conquer. I certainly have not mastered it. But once we give into the fact (let go of our Pride) we can recognize when Pride is beginning to effect out actions. It takes Humility, which is the opposite of Pride. Jesus calls us to be servants. Servants were in the most humble positions. Washing the feet of travelers who came to their masters house. Back in that day everybody wore sandals on dry, dusty, dirty roads. Can you imagine how filthy their feet would be after a mile of walking?
Once you feel the beginning of your temper slipping out of control, take a deep breath, lower your voice and try again. Even if the other person continues to yell, you can rest assure that you are doing your part. 10 to 1 the other person will probably realize you've changed and will also lower their voice. Returning the Argument to a Debate, which can be civilly solved.
I will part with this last tip that I have discovered through painful experience. Calling attention to the other persons raised voice will only cause more anger. Allow that person to realize on their own.
And when you feel that nothing will get the other person to stop yelling you have one remarkable ally. Silence. Politely tell the individual that you need to take a break. Be extremely polite. And walk away. I grab a book and go read. It helps to sooth me. What's your peace resort? A cup of tea, taking a walk, drawing? Find something and take a break. Once you've both had time to cool off, try approaching the tense topic calmly.

Do you have tips of how to solve/prevent arguments? Please share in the comments!!