Thursday, January 7, 2016

Having A Successful Life

Chokmah: pronounced Holk-Ma. The Hebrew word for Wisdom.
In the Psalms Wisdom was the art of living life skillfully. So what does that mean? What does it mean to live life skillfully?
Kishron: Pronounced like it looks - Kish- Ron. The Hebrew word for Skill.
Skill was otherwise known as success. To have skill was to have success. Just like a guitar player needs skill in order to play a song successfully.

Wisdom helps us live our lives successfully. What does success mean to you? Having a big house? Lots of money? Comfort? What about  having an ultimate relationship with God and doing everything you can to please Him? Is that on your list?
When God asked Solomon what he wanted in 1 Kings 3:4-15, Solomon could have asked for anything. This wasn't a game of Gene in the bottle- where there were some limitations. This was a question from God, the creator of the universe, for ANYTHING! What was Solomon's reaction? Did He say, "Oooo boy. That's a tough one God. Let me sleep on it and I'll get back to you. There's just so many I can't choose." Or "Well do I only get one? What about two, can we go with two?" No. He instantly knew what he wanted. He wanted to be a successful king. To be a successful king he would need Wisdom. That request pleased God and he gave Solomon more than just Wisdom.(see 2 Chronicles 9:13-29) Solomon used his wisdom to follow God and lead his people in the paths of righteousness, bringing success to his kingdom.
Our desire should be to have Wisdom so that we may please God in everything we do. All of our actions should be pleasing to Him. If all we strive to do is please God than when we accomplish that we are living a successful life.
In the bible and through the teachings of other Christians we can learn Wisdom. The whole Proverbs is Solomon teaching his son - telling him to heed Wisdom in everything. 
I learn so many things from my mom about cooking, house keeping, and nutrition. Now how do these things please God? Well, I'm learning how to use the food that God gave me to feed my family. I'm learning how to care for the things that God put in my life. And I'm learning how to take care of the body God gave me. All those things are pleasing to God.
So how can you please God in your everyday life? Honestly, it can be as easy as not grumbling when your mom tells you to take out the trash. Because God says we should do all things as unto Him.

With this blog I want to share the Wisdom and Skill that I've learned through the bible and the things my mom has taught me. Cool bible facts, yummy recipes, beauty tips, and encouraging talks are just some of the things I'll be writing about!

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