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Yay for interviews! I don't know about the rest of you, but I adore interviewing people! Especially when it's a fellow author! Remember the whole eBook giveaway I announced last post? If you missed it you can click Here and enter to try and win free books! (Who doesn't love free books?)
But now, allow me to introduce the author of the day: Faith Blum!

Q 1: What inspired you to start writing?
I’ve always loved writing, so I’m not exactly sure what inspired me to actually get started. What got me started writing to publish was a couple of contests. One inspired the story though I was too old to actually enter my story. The other one inspired me to pick the story back up and edit it. Since then, I’ve independently published over 18 eBooks and 8 paperbacks.

Q2: Can you give a brief summary of your book Be Thou My Vision and what inspired you to write it.
Summary: After learning of her younger brother's death, an outspoken spinster defies her father and starts going to church, where she begins to care for the widower pastor's two rambunctious boys who need a mother's love.
Inspiration: What inspired this book was a beta-reader’s question after he read the first book in my series: What’s the next book about? I hadn’t been planning to write a series, but after that question, I started wondering what else I could do, so I wrote about the villain’s sister.

Q3: If you could go into any book, as any character, who would you be and where would you go?
Echo Sackett in Louis L’Amour’s book, Ride the River and go on her adventure, but also go beyond where Mr. L’Amour ended his book.

Q4: What is your favorite book, series, and author? (They can all be the same or all different.)
My favorite book is Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight, my favorite series is The Sackett’s by Louis L’Amour, and I have too many favorite authors to name, but for this interview I’ll say Amanda Tero.

Q5: What is your favorite music to listen to while you write?
Um… Classical mixed with soundtracks. I have a list of Pandora stations that I put on shuffle. Although, right now, I mainly listen to Christmas music.

Q6: Because it’s Christmas time: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Love this question!!! My favorite tradition started just a few years ago, but Dad and Mom got 4 large Christmas bulbs, and 12 small frosted bulbs and used them to tell the Christmas story. In the 4 large bulbs, they put in a few symbolic items: hay in one, a plastic sword in another, a piece of white and silver garland (for a star), and musical notes (for Mary’s song). Then on the frosted bulbs Mom wrote down some Bible references. On one side, she put an Old Testament prophecy and on the other was the New Testament fulfillment. On some of them, there are also some of the names of Jesus. When we have our family Christmas (usually before Christmas Day), we open the boxes, read the Scripture references, and hang the bulbs on the tree.

Q7: How long ago did you start writing?
I think I really started when I was about 10 years old.

Q8: How long did it take you to write Be Thou My Vision?
I think it took me about a year from the rough draft to publication. Maybe a little more. I can’t really remember.

Q9: What is the easiest part of writing?
That really depends on the book. Sometimes the easiest part is the rough draft. Other times, it’s the editing.

Q10: What is the hardest part of writing?
See the answer above. :P

Q11: Do you have any special talents? (e.g wiggling your ears, doing backflips, riding horses faster than a walk.)
Playing piano and singing the harmony at the same time. Does that count? Oh, but I have to be familiar with the song.

Q12: What is your favorite Bible verse?
This is like telling a mom to pick her favorite child. Um… Let’s see, we’ll go with Philippians 4:5 because I recently read the chapter and that was the one verse there I didn’t know super well and it really impacted me on the day I read it.

Thank you, Faith, for allowing me to interview you! 

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