Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hard Core: Part 3

Lets Get Hard Core
Part 3
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Sorry it has been a bit. We are on a limited internet service and ran out so I couldn't get on the computer. Some people might call that a problem, but I see it differently. You get an amazing amount of time to play piano and read! Imagine this with me: what if you have no TV channels (Which means no Netflix), your internet doesn't allow you to watch youtube or download videos, and you only a cable phone that has to be shared with all family members. You don't have any friends except those that live 5 hours away and you are home schooled with your siblings. (are you sweating yet?) What would you do all day?! I bet I would be pretty close to hitting the nail on the head when I say that most kids my age would be sinking through the floor at this stage.
You might have guessed it already; but that's me ever since we moved. And I do some crazy things. Right now my siblings and are are taking up an entire room to build a Playmobile city (great bonding time!) I have no homework at night so I can read to my sisters before they go to bed! (More bonding time) I can spend as much time as I want reading my bible (Spiritual growth and learning His Will to direct my life) and applying it to my life. I have tons of free time so I've taught myself 4 instruments. I also got a job as a stable girl and am being trained to race horses on 50 mile Endurance races with some of the most amazing horses ever! I can ride a Stallion, tan a deer hide, crotchet and knit, babysit, cook and bake, make wire jewelry, read like there's no tomorrow, write and publish my own books, keep a house, learn any subject in school that I want, and serve in ministries that help kids in broken homes. My life is so full!
I'm not letting this time slip away and I don't want you to either. I don't enjoy being with the people who are constantly talking about the newest movies coming out or asking if I've seen this or that. Their focus is not on life, but on a fantasy. At least books can teach you something through vocabulary - but even then there are some junky books! God gave us such an amazing life! Why would we spend it watching a movie we probably won't remember when we're 50 when we could be building lasting relationships with our friends and family so that, when we are 50, we can sit around and remember the fun times we had while making new ones! I've hiked mountains and looked down at the world and just couldn't imagine what it would be like to be inside watching TV when there's such a beautiful sky waiting to be touched. 
Now, I'm probably rubbing on TV a bit hard. There are some funny movies to be seen and good times to be had while watching them. I've had a blast with popcorn battles or watching Star Wars and then trying to mimic their lightsabers with my siblings. (Requires slow motion option on a camera ;) But don't spend so much time watching TV that it keeps you from living the life God gave you. Don't spend so much time with friends that you miss out on the siblings who want you as their friend. Don't think your so busy that you can't help the mom that cared for you even in the busiest times of life. Don't forget that there's a God who loves you and gave you every single thing you have. The next generation for this world is us teens! Are we going to make the world better, or sit by and let it move on?

I really suggest checking out this website. It's written by two brothers, who also wrote a book called Do Hard Things, and I love it! Another Gold mine!   
 This marks the end of the Lets Get Hard Core series. (Unless I think of some other point that I need to explode)  I hope this doesn't pass, but leaves an imprint in your life. The devil doesn't work openly anymore. He's more subtle. We must arm ourselves with the Word of God if we are going to survive in this battle of Life. 

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  1. This is such an important truth in the world of global technology! Being an online college student, I've had to find ways to move away from the screen and get back into real life, and tbh it's kind of hard to draw the line. I try to think of media and tech as tools, means to the real end of living a full life, but in the meantime it's tricky because the internet is right here, right now. :)

    1. Exactly! Although there is certainly a time and place for the internet and a little entertainment, you can't let it rule your life. When you start trying to make room in your life for Netflix(taking time away from other things that are more important) instead of your life having a little room (Having a bit of downtime after a productive day) then something needs to change.